When we look at this bike, the engine is clearly originating from the 1956 - 1972 period. but it already looks more like the Sprint en TV models from 1971 and 1972. There were a lot of 350cc models this newcomer had to compete with, for instance the 4-stroke one-cylinder Ducati, but also Morini, MV and Honda with 2-cylinder 4-strokes and the 2-cylinder 2-stroke Suzuki and Yamaha and the 3-cylinder 2-stroke Motobecane and Kawasaki and Honda with a 4-cylinder.

AMF-Harley-Davdison choose for a pricy one-cylinder 4-stroke and therefor the production only lasted 2 years.

The model had an electric starter-engine from a Japanese company, Niip Denso. The electric system went from 6 to 12 V and under the buddyseat you find a HUGE battery: 18H. One other significant change is that the pedal-switch moved from the right side to the left side and the frame was completely new designed. It had enough spce and it was said that an American reporter mentioned this is his testresult as beeing a frame fit for a tractor engine.

There are two different framenumbers: one for the Italian market and one for the rest. According to the Italian Register (A.R.S.I.M.A) it consist of 6 positions and starts with 253001. The other system is consistent of one letter and one number, then 5 numbers and a letter and a number. For instance: 6A12345H4. is the SS 350 type, 12345 is the framenumber, the H is for Harley and the 4 is the year if manufaction.

Total models manufactured according to the A.R.S.I.M.A: 3,441. According to Harley-Davdidson however: 1973: 4,137 and for 1974 2,500 models. Price in The Netherlands new: f 4.075,- and in Italy 584.000 Lires.

Other models inspired by this model are the SX-350 and the SX-350 Sprint. If you put the models or pictures of the SX-350 (1973-74) and the SX-350 (1971-72) you can clearly see all the differences and the similarities. The SX-350 is an off-the-road-model based on the SS-350.

Source: Aermacchi-De Gevleugelde and AMF-Harley-Davidson 1972-1978 by Jaap de Jong