In 1967 Aermacchi-Harley-Davidson developed something completely new: the Ala Blu 250 Turismo, also known as the Blue Wing. At first it was constructed with a 4-speed gearbox. The engine of the Azzurra. The wheel-base was brought from 17" to 18" rear and to 19" in front. It looks exactly like the Sprint-model, but the Ala Blu doesn't have an american looking air-filter, has the european exhaust-pipe and a dashboard with two clocks and check-lights. That last feature is also found on the Sprint-models in Amerika of 1968. This creation lasted only one year, it is believed that there are only 27 manufactured.

In 1967 the Ala Blu 250-5M was manufactured, based on the Ala Blu 250. The GT (Gran Turismo) is exaggerated, the difference between this model and the 250 Turismo is the 5-speed gear-box instead of the 4-speed. Nice detail is maybe that 250 Turismo was available with a 5-speed gear-box if you wanted, it cost 15,000 lires extra. The price-difference between the GT 250-M and the Turismo was 11,000 lires, so that made the 5-speed 4,000 lires cheaper! The Ala Blu GT was manufactured till 1972 and some 700 models were made.

Source: Aermacchi-De Gevleugelde and AMF-Harley-Davidson 1972-1978 by Jaap de Jong