In the end of 1966, Aermacchi was allready developing a 125cc two-stroke. In the end of 1967 the first ads came out and the model was presented as the Aletta on the show in Milan. On factory-pamflets the bike was known as the Turismo 125cc. It was marketed in 1968. It's a simple smooth model with a simply contructed piston-controlled two-stroke engine. The bore-stroke is 56x50. No oilpump yet, so mixing oil with fuel was nescessary or you could fill the gas-tank with two-stroke gasoline. If you mixed yourself, the fuel-cap was also an oilmeasuring device.

As you might have read: the frame is basicly the same as that of the Zeffiretto S, the M50S and the M65S. Some adjustments are made to the rear of the frame and also the rear-fork and the suspension-points of the 125cc engine are different from the 50 and 65cc models.

The production of this model ended in 1970 and appr. 560 were manufactured. Also a Scrambler model of the Aletta was made in 1968 and the production of that model ended in 1970, about 613 models were made. In 1972 an addition to the Aletta 125cc model came in the form of the 125cc De Luxe and production ended in 1973 with 1014 models manufactured.

The Aletta was called Rapido in the United States and ofcourse some adjustments were made. The toolbox dissapeared and something large appeared on the rear-mudguard. According to an american magazine, the models sold faster then they were produced. Also according to that test people were very satisfied with this model, it rode and steered as a racer, but most important: the Harley-logo was on the fueltank, which meant garantuee, parts and service everywhere. (!)

This model was easily tuned, Harley-Davidson issued information for this, but mentions that your garantuee expired. The Rapido on the second picture below is a Trail model. In 1971 a real off-the-road model (125 R/C) was manufactured and this particular model was manufactured till 1972 (the last production year for Aermacchi-Harley-Davidson). Also in 1973 it was manufactured, only then by AMF-Harley-Davidson and had a different fuel-tank. 998 model of the 125 R/C were manufactured.

Source: Aermacchi-De Gevleugelde and AMF-Harley-Davidson 1972-1978 by Jaap de Jong