welcome to 2stroke.nl

Hi and welcome to our clubs website. After toying with the idea for a while, the 2-Stroke Spaghetti Harley Riders is finally offically a club since 2009. Our goal is to keep the Harley-Davidson-Aermacchi motorbikes and the in Italy built AMF-Harley-Davidson motorbikes on the road. The 2-Stroke Spaghetti Harley Riders primary aim is to keep the 2-stroke models running, although you are welcome to join with any Aermacchi-H-D or AMF-HD, as long as they are build between 1961 and 1978 in Italy. We have access to a huge number of spare-parts, including frames, engines, wheels, etc. If you are looking for something or you have something to offer, please feel free to contact us by MAIL.

A membership costst 10,00 euro per year. We try to visit various rally's of other Harley-Davidson Clubs and another goal is to become a full member of the European Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs. This goal was achieved in November 2011 and the club was accepted as a full member. To know the benefits of this, please look at the website of the FH-DCE.

In 1969 AMF aquired an interest of 50% in Harley-Davidson and 1972 this was converted to 100%. Harley-Davidson in those days had a majority stock in Aermacchi, a enginefactory in Varese, Italy. In this factory the "small" Aermacchi's and later the Aermacchi Harley-Davidsons were built. These were light motorcycles with an enginecapacity of 125 to 350 cc in different models and types. These bikes have a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine.

The 2-stroke motorcycles were built from early 1970 till 1978. A few examples of these motorcycles are the SX-350, SS-350, SR-100, Z-90, X-90, TX-125.