The 1968 Model ML Rapido was extensively modified by Jack Krizman of Kesco to create the Model ML Rapido Baja Prototype. He created this prototype for the subsequent production of this model: the 1970 MSR-100 Baja. The protype used Metzeler knobby tires and Krizman cross-braced the handlebars, added an ice-racing front fender, cut of the rear fender, and fitted a Filtron air filter and a high exhaust pipe as well as a trail sprocket. He replaced the front fork, rear shocks, seat, and luggage rack and removed the instruments. The Harley-Davidson Motor Museum aquired the Krizman's black & orange prototype in 2002. Although there are no pictures available of the protype other then in the book of the Archive collection, we show you the MSR-100 Baja, which is manufactured after this prototype.