A "new" model 125, but clearly influenced by the two 125cc models of the Aermacchi-Harley-Davidson era: the MLS and the 125 De Luxe. The frame is different and axtra addition to the frame is the steel plate under the frame, welded underneath for extra protection whilst off-road riding. The indicators are really new, it was mandatory in the U.S in 1973. This engine got a 5-speed gearbox (the MLS had a 4-speed) and this 5-speed was originally from the SR 100. From testresults you'd know that the bike heavily shook around 6000 rpm and that it was hard to put in in the right gear. Geting it in neutral was very difficult. After modifications all this was helped, but another point of criticism was that the tank-stickers let loose after spilling fuel.

This model sold new in the U.S.A for $595, in the Netherlands you would pay f 2.395. Total production: 9,925 models.

Source: Aermacchi-De Gevleugelde and AMF-Harley-Davidson 1972-1978 by Jaap de Jong