After the Brezza (the first 2-stroke) a smaller 2-stroke followed. It's a 2-stroke engine of 47,61cc: a moped. The P in 48 NP stands for pedals. The 2-stroke engine is actually very simple: a piston-controlled in/exhaust-system with two overflowports en a slightly curved piston; a bore and stroke of 38 x 42, good for 48,61cc with a compression-proportion of 8,5:1 [1+2]. The front and back springs were hydraulic and the moped had a 3-gear hand-shifted.

The colors were light-green or grey and according to sources in Italy only 2 pedal-mopeds were manufactured. The production of this model ended in 1965, the 48N ended in 1972. The 48N was not a succes in Europe, only 967 were manufactured. The framenumber of the NP-model starts with 300001, the 48N starts with 4000001.

Source: Aermacchi-De Gevleugelde and AMF-Harley-Davidson 1972-1978 by Jaap de Jong